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Unit Plan Template     

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Unit Author

First and Last Name
Louchris Marie B. Pia

School District
Catmon Central School District

School Name
Catmon Central Integrated School

School City, State
Catmon Cebu, Philippines

Unit Overview

Unit Title


Unit Summary

Knowing the proper use of sewing tools and equipment will help produce well-fitted garments. The knowledge on how to operate sewing machine and knowing its parts is very important to be able to use the sewing machine properly. Body measurements should be taken carefully to assure well-fitted garments.
           Students are to identify sewing tools and equipment and classify them accordingly. They should know body measurements. The students should look for a partner in class and take each other’s measurements.

Subject Area

Technology and Livelihood Education for Basic clothing.
1.    The correct and proper use of sewing tools and equipment.
2.    The uses and functions of sewing machine.
3.    The correct and precise measurement in body measurements.

Grade Level

First Year Students

Approximate Time Needed

50 minutes every day, 2 weeks in the Month of August every School Year.

Unit Foundation

Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks (BEC COMPETENCIES)

1. The student should be able to identify sewing tools and equipment, know its functions and are able to use them in the projects.
2. The students should be able to measure body measurement correctly and precisely.
3. The students should be able to know the kinds, parts of sewing machines.

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes
At the end of the unit, the students with 70% accuracy are expected to:
  1. Identify the sewing tools and equipment and classify them according to their use and function.
  2. Operate a sewing machine.
  3. Take body measurements needed in constructing a shirt.

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Essential Question
How important is Basic Clothing Making?

Unit Questions

Why is it important to know how to use the sewing machine,
sewing tools and equipment, as well as how to make your own dress?

Content Questions
What are the parts and functions of sewing tools and sewing machine?
Assessment Plan
Assessment Timeline

Before project work begins
Students work on projects and complete tasks
After project work is completed

·    The class  will bring their own sewing tools and equipment and will be given an exercise in making sleeveless shirt in manual sewing.

·  The classes are exposed to traditional sewing machine and have them operate individually.

·    The teacher is checking each student personal sewing tools and equipment in every session to maximize student’s reliability and avoiding disturbance to others by borrowing each others tools and equipment.
·    The teacher is monitoring the each student’s work in making sleeveless shirt in manual way.

·    The teacher will make sure that the manual making of sleeveless shirt should be done only in the classroom by collecting the project at the end of each session to maximize student’s ability and originality.
·    The teacher is giving a contest to the students to make a dress in their own style and the top three winners with their winning dress will be posted in the school paper.
The teacher make a dressmaking
Club for the students to
Improve their
Potentials in making dress.
Assessment Summary
1. The students were made to make their own sleeveless shirt strictly with in the classroom.
2. The students were made to make their own style of dress as their project.
3. The teacher organizes a dressmaking club.
4. The teacher promotes the dressmaking competition through posting the winners in the school paper.
Assessment Rubrics



(25 points)




(25 points)


(25 points)


Unit Details
Prerequisite Skills
Hand sewing stitches such as running stitch, back stitch, flat felled seam, French seam and others.
Instructional Procedures

Identify the sewing tools and equipment first week in basic clothing

Knowing the
parts and function of sewing tools and equipment in second week.

Knowing how to measure body measurement accurately at
theend of second week.

Making own sleeveless shirt in a week with in the classroom premises, in the third week.

Making own style of dress as a project, to be passed with in
2 weeks after being given.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Special Needs Students

  1. Power point presentation for the different parts and functions of sewing machine.
  2. Individual assistance on making manual sleeveless shirts.
  3. Individual assistance on making dress in sewing machine.
  4. Students are encouraged to join the dressmaking club.
  5. Invite dressmaker for a dressmaking seminar.

Nonnative Speakers

The students are encouraged to speak on their native
language in asking questions for elaborationduring discussion, demonstration and other activities.

Gifted/Talented Students

The encouragement for the students to learn more for the optimum

 their dressmaking potential by joining the dressmaking club.

The winners of the dressmaking projects will be posted to the school papers will

Motivate them to
work well with their projects.
Materials and Resources Required For Unit

Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)            

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